BCS AIS Office Renovation

Lindhout Associates was tasked with completely renovating a previous educational facility into a business office.  The primary focus of the project was the interior renovations.  Exterior renovations included the main entrance and the identity wall facing the freeway.  BCS Automotive Interface Solutions wished for an environment which would attract new talent as well as create a space where existing employees would be happy to work.  The space should encourage collaboration and transparency among employees.

In order to achieve these goals, allowing natural light into the building was a top priority.  Natural light provides health benefits to the workers leading to happier and more productive employees.  One way we provided natural light was through the use of existing skylights.  To keep the building as cost efficient as possible, it was important to take advantage of existing features.  These skylights are spaced throughout the building to provide even lighting.  Also, along the exterior walls of the building are large windows which provide views and more light to the building.  New skylights were installed in the new cafeteria.  The managerial offices have glass walls to not only allow light in, but also to provide transparency to their employees.

To delineate separate spaces without enclosing them, we used techniques such as changes in flooring material or a change in ceiling level.  Another system utilized was the use of perforated panels which can be removed and relocated.  Through these practices, it allows the space to be flexible as the company grows and the needs of the workers change.  The open spaces are also beneficial for collaboration among employees.  Coffee bars are built into the space creating environments for employees to interact with one another.

Design Video – 3d Virtual Walk-Through

Pre-Construction Renderings and Design Concepts