Cooper Standard Headquarters World Headquarters

This international automotive supplier’s headquarters provides views and daylight with larger window openings that limit glare and heat through self-tinting technology. Large and small collaboration zones spread throughout the plan allow cross-departmental collaboration. Three different bricks and two different metal panels create layering on the exterior. The semi-glazed black brick features an iridescent finish that shimmers and changes tones as daylight conditions change.

A curving retaining wall starts at the sidewalk and wraps around to the patio. The patio leads into the Apex space which also provides a path for display vehicles entry. Dynamic tinting windows softly release to a lighter/lower tint level as the sun sets.

The C.S. Foundation emphasizes the environment and STEM learning which drove the team to reach higher on sustainability goals.

This includes:

🍃 High Efficiency Continuous Insulation System
🍃 Thermochromic, Dynamic Tinting Glazing
🍃 Condensing boilers and High Efficiency baseboard system
🍃 Demand Control Ventilation System

Together these systems join to save energy and also reduce the scale of the H.V.A.C. system.

“We greatly enjoy sharing the energy savings data from our new headquarters with our Foundation STEM groups!”
– Kevin Brady, C.S.

Construction: Aerial Drone Footage

Pre-Construction Renderings and Design Concepts