I.H.A. East Washtenaw Medical Offices, Domino’s Farms

An Architectural "Anatomy Lesson" - CAM

This 58,400 square foot, three-story medical office building houses a multitude of different practices and supporting services. The construction materials of masonry, brick, and composite aluminum panel allow the façade of an otherwise large institutional building to be broken down to a more personable scale while still maintaining the project budget. The scale of the building is further broken down into three components based on the program of each segment. The northern component houses the entry with a canopy that reaches out to invite patients and visitors. This area houses the vestibule, vertical circulation and toilet rooms, as well a small tenant space on each floor. At the south end of the building is the large practice space which houses at least two different doctor groups on each floor. This area also includes a shared staff room that has floor to ceiling windows, giving the staff a place of respite in their busy work day. The glass box which houses the waiting room on each floor bridges the two masonry components and allows patients to take in the beautiful views that surround the site, adding a sense of serenity to the space.

Material Palette

The use of brick, wood elements and warm colors all help to welcome patients into the waiting rooms. The use of floor to ceiling glass on either side of the rooms allows for beautiful views out to the landscaping and park beyond.


With eight different practice groups and multiple shared spaces, understanding each tenant’s program requirements was essential. Through the use of questionnaires and extensive interaction between the Architect and each tenant’s staff, we were able to establish and meet each practices’ needs, while also designing a consolidated, cohesive space that is adaptable to future medical tenants.

Once programming and analysis were complete, the practices that would best complement each other were brought together on each floor. The practices share check-in/out space, select patient areas and a combined staff room. The staff room has floor to ceiling windows that look out at the office park, giving staff an area of respite during a busy work day.