Lutheran High School North

Lutheran High School North was a circa-1974 pre-engineered structure at full-capacity and needed to adapt in order to serve a new generation of students. This challenge was answered with a strategic new building and entry addition, along with a renovation of the existing cafeteria.

Three elements were deemed essential for a successful project from the outset:

-Ten additional  classrooms, necessitating a new second floor

-A doubled cafeteria/commons space for dining as well as activities

-Refreshed, contemporary exterior to broadcast the innovation inside

Entering through the front doors of the soaring new front entrance, students and teachers now benefit from a thoughtfully daylit two-story atrium designed for learning and collaboration. Ten new classrooms were added with direct access  to the commons, and the existing cafeteria was opened up to share the space as well.  A contemporary building envelope of glass and metal panels provides visual punch to the school’s exterior. This exciting, adaptive learning environment now welcomes over 500 students.

Pre-Construction Renderings and Design Concepts