With a limited budget, and an even more limited design & construction schedule (completed prior to the first snowfall of the season), Lindhout Associates together with Vail Resorts catalyzed their much-anticipated ownership change into a sought-after local snowboarding and skiing experience.

As part of Vail Resort’s urban-scaled winter sports facility strategy, the design team was challenged to provide a bold & exciting new look to an existing local ski lodge, along with an interior renovation of an existing restaurant and bar space.
The project team transformed the facility in time for Vail Resorts to take advantage of the snowiest winter ever recorded in southeastern Michigan’s history. Such a winter is a ski resort owner’s dream, and this one was made possible by a team that tackled a lodge transformation marked by a host of unforeseen conditions.

Exterior Strategies

The building’s original and tired facade was re-imagined with a host of innovative materials ranging from a wall of perforated aluminum, expanded metal and fiber cement board.  The hill access stair and its dramatic curving roof done in “Daredevil Red” suggests the tip of an upturned ski.

Interior Strategies

Nearly 9,000 square feet of interior space including kids area, ski rentals, restaurants, gathering/eating spaces, bars and shops received updates to finishes, lighting and windows. The design team utilized Vail Resort’s marketing color scheme in conjunction with the exterior material palette of exposed metals & fasteners, meshes and cement to create fresh end exciting spaces that remained inviting and comfortable.