The Ride - Cycling & Circuit Training Studio

The Ride isn’t just an exercise studio; it is an atmosphere which fosters positivity and community. Good vibes and energy greet the riders as they walk in and stay with them as they are leaving. The architecture seeks to care for this atmosphere. The building was previously a vacant retail space which was completely renovated and retrofit to house a multi-functioning space.

The Ride not only provides a cycling studio, but also includes a circuit training room, a childcare area, a front lobby with retail functions, changing areas with cubbies, and showers for post workout cleansing. To construct the best experience, this project became a truly collaborative process between lighting experts, audio specialists, bicyclists, and architects.

Finally, this project installed an Energy Recovery Ventilation System to take advantage of the existing HVAC systems to provide the necessary fresh air for the riders in an energy and cost efficient manner.

3D Modeling & Design Images